The Rexonomy tool enables a simplified and efficient way to showcase allignment towards the EU Taxonomy for all renewable power assets.

The service provides power plant owners with the necessary guidance and assistance in obtaining relevant documentation, with a quality that enables verification of a power plant against the EU Taxonomy for green activity. The service is tailor made towards owners of renewable energy production, primarily hydro, wind and solar power plants in Europe. The service is delivered by Captiva Asset Management AS and selected third-party verifiers.

The advantage of our service is as follows:


Ready to use compliance lists with automated data suggestions (pre-filled)


Hub for all your Taxonomy documentation with optional access for selected third-parties


Optional verification statement from independent verifier


Showcase compliance of all your power plants towards internal and external stakeholders

Cost efficent

Save cost by lowering interest rates on asset mortgages and simplified green bond processes

ESG Reporting

Tool data and analytics can be used directly in the annual ESG reporting

Time efficent

The tool saves time both regarding the data collection and verification process